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Unlock your HTC Touch 3G

Model: HTC Touch 3G (AT&T, O2 or other GSM brand)
Required time: 10 minutes
Free trial: yes (try it now)

Free trial

Try our unlocker free of charge! We will tell you if your HTC Touch 3G is unlockable and let you unlock it instantly.

Follow our step-by-step instructions.

Required materials:

Get started now!

Purchase a registration code, then follow our step-by-step instructions to unlock your phone.

If you need help with unlocking your phone, please read our frequently-asked questions list, or feel free to contact us.

Product no longer available.

All supported models

HTC Blackstone: HTC T8282, HTC T828X, HTC Touch HD
HTC Diamond: Dopod S900, HTC P3700, HTC P3701, HTC P3702, HTC Touch Diamond, MDA Compact IV, XDA Diamond, XDA Ignito
HTC Iolite: HTC T4242, HTC Touch Cruise 2, XDA Guide
HTC Jade: HTC T3232, HTC Touch 3G
HTC Kovsky: HTC Venus, Xperia X1, Xperia X1a, Xperia X1c, Xperia X1i
HTC Nike: Dopod S600, HTC P5500, HTC Touch Dual, MDA Touch Plus, XDA Star
HTC Raphael: HTC Fuze, HTC P4600, HTC P4601, HTC P4602, HTC T7272, HTC Touch Pro, MDA Vario IV, XDA Diamond Pro, XDA Serra
HTC Rhodium: HTC Fortress, HTC T7373, HTC Touch Pro 2, MDA Vario V
HTC Sedna: HTC P6500, HTC P6550, XDA Mantle
HTC Topaz: HTC T5353, HTC Touch Diamond 2, HTC Warhawk , MDA Compact V
HTC Whitestone: HTC Imagio XV6975, Verizon Imageio
Treo 850

Bulk/reseller pricing

We offer generously discounted prices for larger quantities and for resellers interested in reselling our subsidy unlock removal service.

Please contact us for our special reseller prices or for our discounted prices on orders or 10 or more.

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